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      Funding/Disbursal Account List API

      Checksum required: Yes

      Use Case

      This API is used to fetch the details (balance, guid) of funding account and all disbursal accounts

      HTTP Headers

      x-midString(50)Unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm.Yes
      x-checksum StringChecksum string created by using Paytm checksum library.Yes

      Request Attributes

      API Content format: JSON

      subwalletGuid String(50)Sub wallet/disbursal account GUID. This is available on Paytm dashboardNo

      Response Attributes

      statusCode String(30)Failure reason code where status is FAILURE. A detailed list of statusCode is mentioned at the bottom of this page.
      status String(30)Disbursal request status. It can be FAILURE or SUCCESS.
      statusMessage StringDescription of each statusCode.
      result ResultList of funding accounts / disbrusal accounts


      walletType String(50)This is the type of wallet which can be CORPORATE_VOUCHER or MARKETING_DEALS.
      subWalletGuid String(50)Sub wallet/disbursal account GUID. This is available on Paytm dashboard
      walletName String(50)This is the name of a wallet/disbursal account name.
      walletBalance StringBalance of the wallet/disbursal account.
      currencyCode String(3)Currency code.
      lastUpdatedDate StringLast update date when the amount added in a wallet/disbursal account.

      Response codes and Messages

      DE_001SUCCESSRequest Successfully fullfilled.
      DE_1001FAILUREUnable to process the request, Please check and try again.
      DE_1002FAILUREInvalid merchant.
      DE_1003FAILURESub wallet not found.
      DE_1006FAILUREMerchant is inactive.
      DE_1007FAILUREWallet could not be found, please verify walletGuid.
      DE_1009FAILURESub wallet guid is not associated with this merchant.
      DE_1017FAILUREUnable to fetch subwallet of merchant.


      Staging: https://staging-dashboard.paytm.com/bpay/api/v1/account/list

      Production: https://dashboard.paytm.com/bpay/api/v1/account/list

      Request CodeResponse JSON
      curl -X POST 'https://staging-dashboard.paytm.com/bpay/api/v1/account/list' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-mid: {mid}' --header 'x-checksum: {checksum}' --data '[]'