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  • post Direct Bank Request API

    Use Case

    When JSON request is made to processTransaction API, and merchant has preference nativeOtpSupported, we return APIs for direct bank page which can be used by merchant on its own bank page.

    Request Attributes

    API Content Type: JSON



    otp string
    bank otp (only when request type is submit)
    Example: 888888
    requestType string(6)
    Bank form request type
    Possible Values: submitForm for submit the transaction, cancelForm for cancel the transaction, resendForm for resend the OTP
    txnToken string(64)
    This is the unique transaction token received in the response of Initiate Transaction API. It is valid for 15 minutes.
    Example: f0bed899539742309eebd8XXXX7edcf61588842333227

    Response Attributes

    API Content Type: JSON



    version string(2)
    Version of the API passed in the request.
    Example: v1
    responseTimestamp string(15)
    EPOCH timestamp of the time at which response is being sent.
    Example: 1588402269


    resultInfo object
    This parameter gives the information about the result of the API response.
    ResultInfo +
    resultCode string
    This is the resultCode corresponding to a particular message and is returned to the merchant. It's maximum length is 64. The different result codes corresponding to this API are mentioned below
    resultStatus string
    This parameter indicates the status of API call.
    Possible Values: SFor Success, FFor Failure
    resultMsg string(256)
    This parameter is the result message which contains information about the result.The different result messages corresponding to this API are mentioned below
    isRedirect boolean
    This flag indicates that number of retries are over and user is to be redirected from cashier page
    bankRetry boolean
    This flag indicates that retry is allowed at bank's end or not
    retry boolean
    This flag indicates whether retry is allowed or not
    txnInfo object
    Map of txnInfo.
    TxnInfo +
    MID string(20)
    This is a unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm.
    Example: INTEGR7769XXXXXX9383
    TXNID string(64)
    This is a unique Paytm transaction ID that is issued by Paytm for each merchant.
    Example: 202005081112128XXXXXX68470101509706
    ORDERID string(50)
    Unique reference ID for a transaction which is generated by merchant and sent in the request
    Example: OREDRID_98765
    BANKTXNID string
    The transaction ID sent by the bank. In case of Paytm proprietary instruments too, there is unique reference number generated by Paytm's system. In case the transaction does not reach the bank, this will be NULL or empty string. Primary reason for this is user dropping out of the payment flow before the transaction reaches to bank servers.
    Example: 77700XXXX215242
    TXNAMOUNT string(10)
    Amount to be paid by customer in INR
    Example: 1.00
    CURRENCY string(3)
    This parameter indicates the currency in which transaction amount is to be deducted.
    Possible Values: INR
    STATUS string(20)
    This contains the transaction status.
    RESPCODE string(10)
    Codes refer to a particular reason of payment.
    RESPMSG string(500)
    Description message is linked with each respcode.
    TXNDATE string
    Date and Time of transaction.
    Example: 2015-11- 02 11:40:46.0
    GATEWAYNAME string(15)
    Gateway used by Paytm to process the transactions.
    Example: HDFC
    PAYMENTMODE string(15)
    The payment mode used by customer for transaction.
    Possible Values: PPIFor Paytm Wallet, UPIFor Bhim Upi, CCFor Credit Card, DCFor Debit Card, NBFor Net Banking,
    CHECKSUMHASH string(108)
    You should validate the txnInfo object parameter values by verifying the CHECKSUMHASH comes in txnInfo object. It ensures that parameter values are not tempered. CHECKSUMHASH string can be verified by using Paytm checksum library
    BANKNAME string
    Name of the Bank
    Example: HDFC
    deepLinkInfo string
    Deeplink for UPI intent

    Response Codes and Messages

    curl -X POST 'https://securegw-stage.paytm.in/theia/api/v1/directBankRequest?mid={mid}&orderId=ORDERID_98765' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
    --data '{"txnToken":"f0bed899539742309eebd8XXXX7edcf61588842333227","requestType":"submit","otp":"123123"}'