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      Delayed Notification

      During the payment process, customer is redirected to bank page to complete two-factor authentication. Once the authentication is complete, Paytm gets a response from the bank with the status of the transaction. On some occasions the status is not received immediately after completion of transaction. This may happen due to network issues, technical errors at customer's/bank's end, manual intervention or other reasons

      Paytm polls the transaction status from bank for next 72 hours. In case we do not receive the status of transaction after 72 hours, the transaction is marked as failed. To get updated transaction status, refer to the below section

      Fetching the transaction status:

      In case we receive a delayed/no response from the bank, posting transaction response on callback URL is not feasible. There are two ways for merchant to get status of transaction:

      • Via Webhook - Paytm sends a server to server (S2S) response in key value pair on the configured URL. S2S response is sent only when transaction has reached a terminal state (success/fail). To configure the URL, please get in touch

      • Via Polling - setup a polling process after regular intervals using Transaction status API. To get best results out of status query, you should check the status 8 times in 72 hours by the schedule below

      Status QueryStatus query interval
      (From the time transaction was sent to Paytm)
      1st15 Minutes
      2nd30 minutes
      3rd1 hour
      4th6 hours
      5th12 hours
      6th24 hours
      7th48 hours
      8th72 hours

      Transaction notification requirement by business needs -

      Real-time notifications requirement:

      There are business where transaction status is required on real-time basis like -

      • Fluctuating price of item - Flight/trains/Bus/Hotels
      • Limited inventory - Movie/Flight
      • Immediate delivery model - Food Delivery

      Merchant can manage delayed notification in following ways

      • Quick failure - A time limit is set by you beyond which transaction will be considered failed. The counter starts from the point when transaction reaches Paytm. In case the bank confirms the status as successful beyond this period, we will initiate an auto-refund against this transaction. Minimum time limit that can be set is 5 minutes. To set this up, kindly connect with our integration/helpdesk team

      • Refunds - This needs to be built at merchant end. Beyond a point in time, you can fail the transaction at your end. In case we report transaction as success, you can initiate a refund against the transactions

      Delayed notifications requirement:

      While some business require immediate transaction notifications, there are others that can provide service to customer after a defined acceptable delay. Example of such businesses are -

      • Recharges and utility bill payments - Do not have a limited inventory and the price is not fluctuating
      • High value transaction - If the transaction value is large (e.g. school fees, insurance payments etc), often customer does not have sufficient funds to pay the transaction amount twice without getting a refund for the first transaction. Hence implementing quick failure or refunds would lead to bad user experience

      Based on your business need, you can build a process to handle delayed notifications.