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      Link Payment Status Webhook

      Use Case

      Paytm sends a server to server (S2S) response in key value pair on the 'statusCallbackUrl' URL in Create Link API. Payment Link Success Webhook response is sent only when transaction has been completed by the user.

      Response Attributes

      Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

      CURRENCY StringCurrency used fo transaction. Would always be INRINR
      LINKDESCRIPTION StringThis field will hold the description of the link for which the payment was done.Payment Link Description
      PAYMENTEMAILID StringThis field will have the email id of the user through which payment was done.user@example.com
      PAYMENTFORM StringThis field will have details of payment form in json format if the transaction was done for a link in which payment form was attached.[{"name":"Mobile Number","value":"9716XXX066"},{"name":"Your Name","value":"Lalit"}]
      PAYMENTMOBILENUMBER StringThis field will have a mobile number of the user through which payment was done.7777777777
      GATEWAYNAME StringAcquiring Gateway used in case of UPI/Debit/Credit Cards and Bank Name in case of NetbankingHDFC
      RESPMSG StringResponse MessageTxn Success
      BANKNAME StringIssuing Bank nameBank of Bahrain and Kuwait
      PAYMENTMODE StringPayment Method used by customer to complete payment. UPI/NB/DC/CC/PPICC
      CUSTID StringPaytm User ID in case user is logged in via Paytm credentials. Else this would mention the cust ID if passed by the merchant11065108
      MID StringPaytm Merchant IdINTEGRXXXXX636129383
      MERC_UNQ_REF StringUnique value passed by merchant and it is expected in response. In case of Link Payments this field would mention the link IDINV_1587801971
      RESPCODE StringPaytm response code01
      TXNID StringPaytm Transaction ID. Will be unique for each transaction 20200425111212800110168308501564752
      TXNAMOUNT StringAmount Paid by the user680.00
      ORDERID StringOrder ID passed by Merchant. In case not passed by merchant, Paytm would assign one for the transaction202004251336550091
      STATUS StringStatus of the transactionTXN_SUCCESS
      BANKTXNID StringTransaction ID shared by Bank/Gateway777001128535491
      TXNDATETIME StringExact Time of Transaction Completion: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss2020-02-25 13:37:01.0
      TXNDATE StringDate of Transaction. Format: YYYY-MM-DD2020-02-25
      CHECKSUMHASH StringChecksum in case merchant opts for checksumd0BCNc6LfHhoEVhFQ/CRv/Q0+QWWqQx72Im/7E5ciKCs0momBCYnR8NQtWZEI9Eg2SUME3TKteQkuDG5rxY/+8rM7y3PdUb87aqJWjI/ezM=
      LINKNOTES StringThis field will hold the help notes for the link defined at the time of creation/updation of link.Link notes description