PaytmPushWindow JS API

Use Case

PaytmPushWindow is used to push a new window to show new page with a transition animation. It adds a page to the stack and can be launched with custom startup params.

PaytmPushWindow will Open the url page will not close the existing page, pay attention to open the number, do not open too much to affect performance. It is recommended that the same application PaytmPushWindow level should not exceed 5 layers, otherwise it will affect the user experience and may cause the application to crash.

Request Attributes

Content format: JSON

ParameterDescriptionRequiredExample Value
urlURL to be opened in new windowYes
appIdappUnique Id or a valid subapp Id(String)YesWhitelistedAppUniqueIdorSubAppId
param.showTitleBarTitle Bar of the windowNotrue
param.pullRefreshTo on refresh on pullNotrue
param.defaultTitleDefault titleNoWelcome

List of Supported Parameters(param in Request Attributes)

1defaultTitleStringThe default title, displayed on the title bar before the page is first loaded""Set this property to have a title if not included in the application code. If a title is defined in the application code, It will override the mentioned title mentioned in this property(A change of title will be visible to user on page load).
2showLoadingBoolWhether to display the global chrysanthemum before the page is loadedFALSEWhether to display the global chrysanthemum before the page content is fully loaded, during which the user is prevented from operating the page. **Warning: the chrysanthemum continues until the first screen network request is completely finished**
3readTitleBoolWhether to read the page title displayed on the titleBarTRUESet this to false and use with defaultTitle to add your custom title on runtime.
4pullRefreshBoolWhether to support pull-down refreshFALSEWorks only if canPullDown is True. Does not work in iOS.
5canPullDownBoolWhether the page supports drop-downTRUEUse only if it fits your UX. If the view is long, This property can cause uncertain UX issues while scrolling.
6showTitleLoadingBoolWhether to display a small chrysanthemum to the left of the title of the TitleBarFALSE
7showProgressBoolShows a progress line for to provide a UX for loadingTRUEThe progress line will be visible below the titlebar when the page is being loaded. In case of no titlebar, The progress line will still be visible on the top.

Response Attributes


ParameterDescriptionExample Value

Error Responses:

ParameterDescriptionExample Value
messageError messageInvalid parameter


2Invalid parameter
copy content icon
const requestObject={
 url: '',
 appId: 'WhitelistedAppUniqueIdorSubAppId',
 param: {
   showTitleBar: false,
   pullRefresh: true,
   defaultTitle: "Welcome!"
function ready (callback) {
   // call if jsbridge is injected
  if(window.JSBridge) {
   callback && callback();
  } else{
  // listen to jsbridge ready event
, callback, false);
ready(function () {'paytmPushWindow',requestOb ject) });