Step by Step Integration Guide

Easy 3-step process to create your Mini App

Step 1: Register

Visit the Paytm Business Dashboard to register yourself for a Mini App account. Please refer to this video to understand how to onboard your Mini App using the Do-It-Yourself flow.

Post onboarding you will get the following details:

  • App QR : This will be used to open the development app required for integration
  • Mini App ID: This is the unique App Id for your Mini App. You will need this id for any interactions with the Paytm ecosystem.
  • Auth client ID and client secret: These are required for login flow integration for your Mini App.
  • PG MID and key: These are required for payment flow integration for your Mini App.
Note: PG MID and key are required for collecting payments in the mini apps and will be available after registering as an unlimited merchant. The option to register for an unlimited merchant account is available on Mini Apps details page on the business dashboard.

Mini Apps

Post successful onboarding, scan the QR code present on the Business Dashboard using the Paytm android app. This will open the Developer Mini App that you can use to configure, intergrate and publish your app. You can learn more about how to use the Developer Mini App here.

Step 2: Develop

To onboard as Mini Apps, there are only two mandatory integration merchants need to implement:

Note: Your Mini app can not have any other login or payment methods other than the one's specified above. Using Login or Payment flow is optional depending on your app's use case.

Please ensure that your app abides by the integration checklist as detailed here

Step 3: Publish

Once you have completed the integration submit your app to Paytm team for review.

  • App Review

    • Tap on 'App Submission' on Developer Mini App home page to open the app submission workflow.
    • Ensure that the requirements as laid out on the disclaimer page are adhered to and accept these to continue with the review submission.
    • Provide the confirmation on the submission checklist.
    • Tap on 'Submit your app'.
    • Feedback against your app submission (if any) will be shown in the developer mini-app. Once you have addressed all the feedbacks, resubmit the app for review as outlined above.
  • Go-Live

    • Tap on 'Take your app live'.
    • A summary screen with your mini app details will be shown.
    • Tap on 'Submit your app for Go-live'.
    • Congrats! Your go-live request is registered. Your app will be made post a final sanity test by the Paytm team in the next 1-2 working days.