Paytm Mini-Apps

What are Paytm Mini Apps?

Paytm Mini Apps are hybrid apps which combine the functionality of native apps with the flexibility of mobile websites. These are essentially web applications opened in Paytm App whose functionality is enhanced via inbuilt JS APIs, effectively meaning your app despite being developed as a web app(and not a native app) can still enjoy all the benefits of a native app when being listed as a Mini Apps inside Paytm App. 


Watch in the video below how Paytm Mini Apps can take your app to the next level.


Why develop a Paytm Mini Apps?

There are many challenges with traditional mobile apps such as maintaining multiple codebases across platforms (iOS, Android or Web), costly user acquisition and requirement of app release and then a waiting period for user adoption for any change made in the app. Launching as a Mini Apps gives you freedom from all these hassles: implying lesser development/testing and maintenance costs which help you reach millions of Paytm users in a Jiffy. 

How Paytm Mini Apps works?

  1. User clicks on Mini Apps section in Paytm App HomePage.
  2. Users will see all the Mini Apps listed in the Mini Apps section. He can then either click the App Icon he want to use or search from the Top search bar.
  3. User will be redirected to Mini Apps proceed with the flow.