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      Integration Guidelines

      Paytm Mini Programs have few broad platform expectations from Merchants to ensure a seamless experience for our end user and would like every 3rd party merchant to adhere to these practices.

      1. The end-user must be able to sign-in into Merchant Mini Programs only through Paytm sign-in. There should be no manual user input based login method.
      2. No social-login method should be present in the Merchant Mini Program. (including but not limited to Fb,Google, Apple).
      3. It is strictly advised that merchants should not store Paytm's user auth token locally in the Mini Program, keeping the security risks in mind.
      4. Payment mode in Mini Program should only be Paytm via. JSBridge and no other payment modes should be visible during anytime in the app flow.
      5. Transactional notifications cannot serve as promotional messages. Violation of this will lead to blacklisting of Merchant Notifications.
      6. There must be no link in the Mini Program redirecting the user to download Android/iOS app. There shouldn't be any other advertising content and no user redirection out of Mini Program is allowed.
      7. It is recommended that Merchants have a well defined Customer Service flow in Mini Program