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      paytmFetchAuthCode JS API

      Use Case

      This API can be used to get AuthCode and OpenID for the user accessing the Mini Program. When merchants front-end calls this method, Paytm will show the user a popup asking for permission to share these details. If the user allows on the consent popup same will be shared with the merchants. If the user denies, ideal expectation is for Merchants to call the API again

      Please Note: No Manual Login from the user is allowed in the Paytm Mini Programs Platform.

      AuthCode:This is a one time use AuthCode passed by Paytm to the merchant’s Mini Program Frontend/client codebase via JS API. This has a validity of 5 mins and is for single use only. This code is required to fetch the Paytm AuthToken via S2S call with Paytm’s Oauth backend.

      OpenId: This is a unique user identifier passed by Paytm to Mini Program. It remains the same throughout the lifetime of the user.

      Request Attributes

      Content format: JSON

      ParameterDescriptionRequiredExample Value
      clientIdMerchant's client id received from paytmYesmerchant-xyz

      Response Attributes


      Note: Response will come as JSON with key data.

      ParameterDescriptionExample Value
      data.authIdauthId generated by paytmabhd-jhsd-ujyt-afrw
      data.openIdopenId generated by paytmabhdjhsd860154

      Error Responses:

      Note: Response will come as JSON with key data.

      ParameterDescriptionExample Value
      errorerror code in integers-3
      errorMessageerror messageInvalid clientID


      0"Unable to process your request"
      2"clientID not passed"
      -1"User denied consent"
      -2"user login failed"
      -3"Invalid clientID"
      -4"Invalid token"(Check Consent Status API failed)
      -5"Failed to save consent"
      -6"Invalid clientID"
      -7"Invalid token"(Fetch Authcode API failed)
      -8"Device Not Verified"
      -9"Invalid Authorisation"
      -10"Failed to fetch AuthCode"
      -11"user consent failure"
      -12"Invalid clientId"
      -13""Invalid SSO token""
      -14""Failed to fetch OpenID""

      Request CodeResponse JSON
                  function ready (callback) {
                        // call if jsbridge is injected
                       if(window.JSBridge) {
                          callback && callback();
                         } else{// listen to jsbridge ready event
                         document.addEventListener('JSBridgeReady', callback, false);
      ready(function () {  JSBridge.call('paytmFetchAuthCode',{    clientId:"/*your reqClient ID*/"},    function(result) {     console.log(JSON.stringify(result))  });