Deeplinks are smart urls which enables a user to land at any specific section or page inside Mini Apps.

Use Case

  1. Order Tracking
  2. Notifications

Deeplink Attributes

paytmmp://mini-app?This is a static URL for opening any Mini Apps deeplink inside Paytm AppYes
aIdPost Onboarding, aId will be provided by PaytmYes
dataBase64 encoded JSON object required for sending extra parameterNo

Sample data json

  "params": "?path=track",
  "path": "/track"

Data Attributes

paramsAdditional params to be appended in URLNo
pathPath to navigate to a specific page in a Mini AppsNo

Sample Deeplink


For eg:- If url for Mini Apps configured at Paytm is, the above deeplink will open inside the Paytm App.