Payment Success Webhook

Use Case

Paytm sends a server to server (S2S) response in key value pair on the configured URL. Payment Success Webhook response is sent only when transaction has been completed by the user. To configure the URL, please get in touch

Request Attributes

GATEWAYNAME StringAcquiring Gateway used in case of UPI/Debit/Credit Cards and Bank Name in case of Netbanking
PAYMENTMODE StringPayment Method used by customer to complete payment. UPI/NB/DC/CC/PPI
TXNDATE StringDate of Transaction. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
TXNDATETIME StringExact Time of Transaction Completion: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
CUSTID StringPaytm User ID in case user is logged in via Paytm credentials. Else this would mention the cust ID if passed by the merchant
STATUS StringStatus of the transaction
MID StringPaytm Merchant Id
ORDERID StringOrder ID passed by Merchant. In case not passed by merchant, Paytm would assign one for the transaction
CURRENCY StringCurrency used fo transaction. Would always be INR
TXNID StringPaytm Transaction ID. Will be unique for each transaction
TXNAMOUNT StringAmount Paid by the user
BANKTXNID StringTransaction ID shared by Bank/Gateway
BANKNAME StringIssuing Bank name
RESPMSG StringResponse Message
RESPCODE StringPaytm response code
ENC_DATA StringEncrypted Peon response in case merchant opts for encryption.
CHILDTXNLIST StringIn case of hybrid payment, details of each child transaction.
SUBS_ID StringSubscription Id (valid incase of subscription)
MERC_UNQ_REF StringUnique value passed by merchant and it is expected in response. In case of Link Payments this field would mention the link ID
PROMO_CAMP_ID StringPromo Code
PROMO_RESPCODE StringPromo Response
PROMO_STATUS StringPromo status
cardIndexNo StringSaved card token no
maskedCardNo StringMasked Card No.
CHECKSUMHASH StringChecksum in case merchant opts for checksum
TXNTYPE StringTransaction Type
REFUNDAMT StringRefund Amount in case applicable
Masked_customer_mobile_number StringMasked Mobile Number ( Paytm Registered) in case of Logged-In transactions
POS_ID StringPOS ID in case specified
uniqueReferenceLabel StringUnique Reference Label
uniqueReferenceValue StringUnique Reference Value
pccCode StringPCC Code (Applicable only for PCC transactions)
PRN StringPayment refernce number ( Applicable only for PRN Flow)
udf_1 StringUser description field (To be used by Paytm for any additional information)
udf_2 StringUser description field (To be used by Paytm for any additional information)
udf_3 StringUser description field (To be used by Paytm for any additional information)
comments StringComments from user in case mentioned while paying
AUTHCODE StringAuthentication Code
RRN StringBank Reference Number
VPA StringVirtual Payment address of user ( In case of UPI Transactions)
clientId StringMerchant Client Id
ACCNUMVERSUCCESS StringFund source verification response in case of TPV from Bank
LOYALTYPOINTS StringLoyalty Points