Disbursal Accounts

Create Disbursal Account

To create disbursal accounts follow the below steps:

  • Select 'Accounts & Passbook' section from the left main menu under the 'Payouts' section.
  • Click on 'Create New Disbursal Account'
  • Enter account name and the purpose for account creation
  • Click at 'Create Account ' to create a new disbursal account




  • Disbursal account once created cannot be deleted. However it can always be edited.
  • Sub users can be allocated to disbursal accounts to ease out management of sub accounts.
  • Use 'Manage Users & Roles' for both the above functionalities.

Edit Disbursal Account

A disbursal account cannot be deleted. However the account approvals,users and roles can be edited.

  • In the left main menu, click on 'Settings' Menu to select ‘Manage Users & Roles'.

  • Click on the 'Payout Accounts' tab.

  • Select the desired disbursal account under the heading ‘Account Name'. Alternatively, you can use the 'Search' option here to locate the disbursal account.

  • Clicking on this account will open the details of this disbursal account showing the associated user and their roles.

  • Click the ✎ edit icon to start editing.

  • Add/ Edit/Delete ‘User' and their ‘Roles' from this section.

  • Approval flow of fund transactions for the selected disbursal account can be also managed from this section.

  • Click on 'Save Users' to save the changes.