Payout Modes



Paytm Payouts provides innumerable options to transfer funds than anyone else in the industry. Paytm Payouts provide a vast variety of options, ranging from Wallets to IMPS, NEFT & RTGS for Bank transfers to UPI. Additionally services like enterprise bills payments, tax-free employee benefits, loyalty wallets & digital gold are some key unique feature of Paytm Payouts dashboard.

Paytm Ecosystem (Wallet, Gold, Vouchers and more)

Wallet transfers are the easiest and an instant mode of payment. Paytm Payouts gives a unique option to transfer funds directly to a phone number or an email. And this mode of payment can be used 24*7. In addition to this Paytm has many payment options to meet all your business needs. You can send money to a Paytm wallet, issue tax free food allowance to your employees or even gift gold vouchers to your employees during festive season.

  • Paytm Wallet- This is the easiest and most compliant mode of gratification. A very convenient method of payout

  • Food Wallet - This can be used to disburse a portion of employee salaries to avail tax benefits and exclusive offers. Food wallet is widely accepted over 9 lakh online and offline shops, cinemas, malls, food joints etc

  • Fuel Wallet - This is the most appropriate payout method to organize fuel reimbursements. This is widely accepted at all fuel stations and can be used to manage employee fuel allowances, travel reimbursements, freight allowance, genset expenses, tracking fuel expenses per ride by cab drivers

  • Gift wallet - Employee rewards, incentives and gifts can be easily managed by using gift wallets. It is widely accepted at all brand stores and tax benefits upto Rs 5000 per year can also be availed.

  • Fastag - This mode of payout is majorly used to organize fund flow in logistic, freight and ride booking industries to manage frequent interstate movements

  • Digital Gold - This mode of payout is another way to reward and gift employees; winners or partners

Bank Transfer

  • UPI - This is the instant mode of payout which is available 24*7, with a limit of Rs 1 lakh. Paytm payouts allows you to send money to a UPI handle as well as a phone number without needing account number and IFSC details

💡 Tip
Paytm has 100mn+ UPI registered users and even allows you to send money directly to mobile number for users registered on Paytm UPI

  • IMPS - This is again an instant mode of payout, with a limit of upto Rs 2lakh. This mode is also available 24X7.  The service can also be availed on bank holidays.

  • NEFT- Paytm Payouts allows to make NEFT transfers of upto Rs 2crore and is available 24X7. This takes 30 min to 2hours to complete the transaction.

💡 Tip
Unlike most banks, Paytm Payouts offers 24*7 NEFT option without any limit on transactions made in non- working hours.

  • RTGS- Paytm Payouts now offer RTGS as a 24x7 service. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is ₹ 2,00,000/- with no maximum limit.

Bill payments

Paytm Payouts can be directly used to pay bills. Mobile bills, recharges, electricity bill, broadband etc can be directly taken care of from this dashboard. Click Here to know more about bill payments.


Payments can be done directly to a VISA/ Mastercard for making instant refunds to the customer, or for giving them cashback for using a particular card

Few industry use cases are as below -

  1. Instant E-Commerce Refunds

  2. Credit Card Bill Payments

  3. Cashbacks etc.

Gift Voucher (Coming Soon)

Buy gift cards and gift vouchers in bulk and distribute them digitally using Paytm Payouts. Send upto Rs 10,000 per voucher with an unlimited expiry date without any KYC requirement.

Cashback Vouchers (Coming Soon)

Empower loyalty points with brand cashback vouchers. Create custom cashbacks to increase repeat purchase & brand loyalty.