Paytm's Solution Recommendation

Are you planning to integrate Paytm Payment Gateway with your Website or App? But, indecisive of the right solution for your platform? Here we are to help you choose the right solution to boost your business based on your requirements.

Integration Platform


On which platform does your application run on?


Question: How do you want your Payment/Checkout page?


Recommended Solution: JS Checkout


We recommend the “JS Checkout” solution that allows you to customize the design of the payment screen as per your brand theme and start accepting payments.


This solution has the following advantages:

  • Easy integration in minutes by simply copy-pasting the pre-built JS code as provided by Paytm

  • Customization of payment screens as per your theme

  • Higher payment success rate due to the elimination of payment page redirection

  • Control over the payment modes sequence as per your preference

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