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    Use Case

    Paytm sends a server to server (S2S) response in key value pair on the configured URL. Subscription Pre-Notify Callback Webhook response is sent only when subscription notification has been sent to the user. To configure the URL, please Get in touch.

    The sample response of different payment sources are mentioned below.

    [TXNDATE] => 14/09/2020 00:00
    [NOTIFICATIONDATE] => 14/09/2020 11:37
    [REFERENCEID] => REF_123456
    [TXNMESSAGE] => test
    [CHECKSUMHASH] => xbvLARtx3FvOsDF5CR0WhlRbLvtd09j9leyHxO+Wf87XheOrmHxO+P6yJ/dsfwjL1Q9WR6AoDa9TIBSsoAxZnqZvqv6hTW4bIxVGloeRpTk=

    The parameters are briefly described below.

    Response Attributes

    REFERENCEIDunique refernce idREF_123456
    TXNMESSAGEreason for debit, Max Length 200subscription for postpaid mobile bill
    NOTIFICATIONSTATUSwhether notification has been successfully sent (SUCCESS, FAILURE)SUCCESS
    NOTIFICATIONSTATUSCODEstatus code due to which notification has failed0
    TXNDATEdate on which debit is intended to happen
    Format : DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM
    15/07/2020 00:00
    NOTIFICATIONDATEdate on which notification has been sent.
    Format : DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM
    14/07/2020 17:06
    CHECKSUMHASH Paytm validates the parameter values by verifying the signature comes in the request. It ensures that parameter values are not tempered. Signature string can be created by using Paytm checksum library. y5Tn02QKOQdhyYKK+uHHgNIIZOjC/XXXXjSPQRBNSrcP6DR3ejFuQ4+kQi0a8KX2txJCnQkTnUxtJhM6jImU8FU+E1GlSSK5VjMLsSm/R6w=