Subscription activation - Custom Checkout

Paytm provides PCI-compliant, secure APIs ideal for the developers, entrepreneurs, and big enterprises, who want to collect payments through a mobile app or website. It gives you the liberty to design or customize your payment checkout page in compliance with your design standards and brand’s thematic guidelines to enhance the user's payment experience.

Overview of Subscription Payments via Custom Checkout

  1. User selects the subscription plan, and you get the Subscription ID and Transaction token using the Initiate Subscription API request.
  2. User selects one of the payment options such as Credit/Debit card, Wallet, Bank Mandates or UPI rendered by you on the checkout page.
  3. Based on the payment options selected by a user, you must follow the steps explained here to activate the subscription.
  4. The user enters the payment details on your App/Website to complete the authorization.
  5. After successful completion of the payment, the subscription plan becomes “Active”. You can also verify the Subscription creation status with Subscription Status API or via callback.

Postman Collection - Custom Checkout for Subscription

The postman collection for Subscription Custom Checkout solution lets you quickly understand the flow integration. Click the button below to download and import the APIs collection in the postman. This would also help you test the APIs on the integration environment.

Run in Postman

To set up the environment for using the Postman Collection, click here.

Integration Flow for Subscription Activation

Once you receive the Subscription ID and Transaction Token in the response to your Initiate Subscription API request, you must proceed with the steps below to authorize and activate the subscription plan.


Select Payment Instrument and Authorize Subscription

You can either display the payment methods on your own or you can use the Fetch Payments Options API to fetch and display the available payment methods to the user.

User selects one of the following payment methods to proceed with the subscription authorization:

  1. User selects the credit/debit card as payment method and enters the standard card details. While entering the card number, you can check the following details available on the card from Paytm using the Fetch Bin Details API.
    • Validity of Card BIN
    • Support of subscription payments on the BIN
    • Card Scheme and Issuing Bank
    • Past 15 minutes success rate of the BIN. In case of a low success rate, you can notify the user to use another payment method.
  2. After your user has entered the card details, redirect the user to the bank page for card verification & first payment deduction. You can redirect via HTML form post, parameters of the payload and HTML form post are given here.
  3. After the successful completion of authentication, the user is redirected to your mobile app or website. In parallel, Paytm would make the subscription contract “active” and sends a server to server callback to your server to confirm it to you. Alternatively, you can use the Subscription Status API to confirm the status.