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  • Subscription activation - QR Code

    The QR Code is intended to make payments contactless, quick, and error-free with Paytm.


    Scan on tv app demo


    1. User selects a plan, then you create a subscription in Paytm and get the Transaction Token.
    2. Create a deep-link using the Transaction Token and convert this deep-link into a QR image using any QR generator tool/function.
    3. Display the QR to your customer on your TV app to scan using the Paytm app.
    4. The customer enters the payment details to complete the authorization on the Paytm App.
    5. Use the Subscription S2S Callback or Fetch Subscription Status API to confirm the subscription status and display the confirmation to the user on your TV App.

    Integration Steps

    1. Creating a deep link

      Create a deep link using the Transaction Token, MID, Order ID, & first subscription payment amount in the format below:

      E.g. paytmmp://subscriptionpayment?orderId=OREDRID_98765&txnToken= f0bed899539742309eebd8XXXX7edcf61588842333227&mid= INTEGR7769XXXXXX9383&amount=199&appInvokeDevice=DEEPLINKQR

      Later, convert the deep-link into a QR image and display it on your TV app.
    2. Subscription authorisation and payment completion

      Thereafter, the customer scans the payment from the Paytm app to complete the subscription activation and first payment on the Paytm app.
    3. Fetching the latest subscription status

      After the successful payment, Paytm will provide a callback to your server. Alternatively, you can use the Fetch Subscription Status API to check the status of the subscription and display the confirmation on your TV app accordingly