Success Refund

Checksum required: YES

Use Case

The webhook is generated after successful submission of refund to the acquiring bank. Note that this does not mean that customer has realized the refund in his/her account.



signature StringChecksumYES


txnId String (64)This is a unique Paytm transaction ID corresponding to REFID for which status is being checked. TXNID is provided in response payload for every transaction
orderId String (50)Order ID is merchant’s unique reference ID for a transaction passed in the transaction payload
txnAmount String (10)Order value of the transaction in INR
txnTimestamp String (30)Timestamp of payment transaction
totalRefundAmount String (10)Total cummulative refund amount against this transaction. For example for a transaction with order value as INR 100, there has been two refunds of INR 20 & INR 30 historically, then TOTALREFUNDAMT will be INR 50
acceptRefundTimestamp String (30)Timestamp at which Paytm accepted the refund. At the time of acceptance refund amount is deducted from the merchant payable balance
refId String (50)Merchant’s reference ID unique for every refund transaction. This is REFID for which refund status is being inquired
merchantRefundRequestTimestamp String (30)Timestamp at which merchant requested the refund
userCreditInitiateTimestamp String (30)Timestamp at which Paytm has initiated the refund with the acquirer. Note that this should not be confused with the time customer realizez the money into his account
refundId String (64)This is a unique Paytm refund identifier that is issued by Paytm for each valid refund request
refundDetailInfoList Json ObjectDetails of refund like masked refund destination, refund amount allocation, RRN Number etc

Refund Detail Info

userMobileNo String (15)User's masked mobile number
refundType String (10)Type of refund. To_Source: Refund is being credited to the same destination through which the payment took place To_Instant: Refund is being credited to a bank account where refund will be realized instantly by the customer
payMethod String (10)Payment method through which the refund has happened
issuingBankName String (25)Issue bank Name
refundAmount String (10)Refund amount in INR
rrn String (10)rrn number
maskedVpa String (15)masker vpa number
maskedCardNumber String (25)For credit/debit card refunds, this constains the masked number of the card where refund is being credited to
maskedBankAccountNumber String (25)For To_instant refund type, this constains the masked bank account where refund is being credited to
cardScheme String (10)For credit/debit card refunds, this constains the card scheme where refund is being credited to
userCreditExpectedDate String (50)Latest date for customer to realize the refund
                   "mid":"781272442 44147",
                   "txnTimestamp":      "2019-04-07 15:03:32.0      ", "totalRefundAmount":"25.00",
                   "acceptRefundTimestamp":      "2019-04-22 23:24:40.0      ", "refId":"REF1090",
                   "merchantRefundRequestTimestamp":      "2019-04-22 23:24:33.0      ", "userCreditInitiateTimestamp":      "2019-04-22 23:24:40.0      ", "refundId":"20190422111212801300168880700034251",
                         "issuingBankName":"HDFC Bank",