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      post Transaction Status API

      Use Case

      • To re-verify the status of transaction before delivering the product or service to the customer, merchant has to match the Order ID & transaction amount returned in the response of this API against that sent in transaction request. In case of mismatch, product or service should not be fulfilled. Additionally the terminal status of transaction provided should be treated as the final status of transaction.
      • To fetch status of a payment transaction where real time response was not provided (due to system failures, API timeout etc.).
      • To fetch terminal status of transaction when the status was communicated as pending in response of process transaction.

      Request Attributes

      API Content Type: JSON

      MID string(20)
      This is a unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm. MID is part of your account credentials and is different on staging and production environment. Your staging MID is available here & production MID will be available once your activation is complete.
      Example: INTEGR7769XXXXXX9383
      ORDERID string(50)
      It is unique reference ID for a transaction passed in the transaction request. Order ID should be pass to check the actual status of transaction.
      Example: OREDRID_98765
      CHECKSUMHASH string(108)
      Paytm validate the parameter values by verifying the CHECKSUMHASH comes in the request. It ensures that parameter values are not tempered. CHECKSUMHASH string can be created by using Paytm checksum library.
      TXNTYPE string
      The type of transaction whose status needs to be checked by merchant.

      Response Attributes

      API Content Type: JSON

      MIDstring(20) This is a unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm.
      Example: INTEGR7769XXXXXX9383
      TXNID string(64) This is a unique Paytm transaction ID corresponding to OrderID for which status is being checked.
      Example: 202005081112128XXXXXX68470101509706
      ORDERIDstring(50) Order ID is merchant’s unique reference ID for a transaction sent in request.
      Example: OREDRID_98765
      BANKTXNIDstring(100) The Transaction Id sent by the bank In case of Paytm proprietary instruments too, there is unique reference number generated by Paytm's system. In case the transaction does not reach the bank, this will be NULL or empty string. Primary reason for this is user dropping out of the payment flow before the transaction reaches to bank to servers
      Example: 77700XXXX215242
      TXNAMOUNTstring(10) Order value of the transaction in INR. Merchant should validate this amount against that send in transaction request payload. In case the amount does not match, merchant should not provide the services to customer. This is needed to avoid request and response tampering possible at the time of transaction.
      Example: 1.00
      STATUSstring(20) This contains the transaction status and has only three values.
      Possible Values: TXN_SUCCESS, TXN_FAILURE and PENDING
      RESPCODEstring(10) Codes refer to a particular reason of payment failure.
      RESPMSGstring(500) Description message attached with each ResponseCode.
      TXNDATEstring Date of payment transaction.
      Example: 2020-05-02 12:24:25.0
      GATEWAYNAMEstring(15) Gateway used by Paytm to process the transactions.
      Example: HDFC
      BANKNAMEstring(500) Name of issuing bank of the payment instrument used by customer.
      Example: ICICI Bank
      PAYMENTMODEstring(15) The payment mode used by customer for transaction
      Possible Values: PPIFor paytm wallet, UPIFor bhim upi, CCFor credit card, DCFor debit card, NBFor net bankingd
      TXNTYPEstring The value of this parameter is "SALE" for the payment.
      REFUNDAMTstring(10) Total cumulative refund amount against this transaction.
      Example: 1.00
      SUBS_IDstring Subscription ID - Only Subscription flow
      Example: 123456
      PAYABLE_AMOUNTstring Original order value before offer was applied.
      Only for SimplifiedPaymentOffers (Bank Offers).
      PAYMENT_PROMO_CHECKOUT_DATAstring Only for SimplifiedPaymentOffers (Bank Offers).
      promocode: Actual promocode which got applied
      promotext: Promo message
      savings: Benefit amount
      redemptionType: discount/cashback

      Response Codes and Messages

      01TXN_SUCCESSTxn Success
      227TXN_FAILUREYour payment has been declined by your bank. Please contact your bank for any queries. If money has been deducted from your account, your bank will inform us within 48 hrs and we will refund the same.
      235TXN_FAILUREWallet balance Insufficient, bankName=WALLET
      295TXN_FAILUREYour payment failed as the UPI ID entered is incorrect. Please try again by entering a valid VPA or use a different method to complete the payment.
      334TXN_FAILUREInvalid Order ID
      400PENDINGTransaction status not confirmed yet.
      401TXN_FAILUREYour payment has been declined by your bank. Please contact your bank for any queries. If money has been deducted from your account, your bank will inform us within 48 hrs and we will refund the same.
      402PENDINGLooks like the payment is not complete. Please wait while we confirm the status with your bank.
      810TXN_FAILURETxn Failed
      curl -X POST 'https://securegw-stage.paytm.in/order/status' \
      --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      --data '{"MID":"{mid}","ORDERID":"ORDERID_98765","CHECKSUMHASH":"{checksum}"}'