Zepo Integration

Zepo is an eCommerce platform which helps small businesses and entrepreneurs open their online stores within minutes and start selling products online easily. It offers an extensive selection of themes to create a prepossessing website for your brand which can be customized exclusively to suit individual preferences for a truly unique website experience. It also facilitates the inherent social sharing options ranging from F-Like to Tweet to Pin-it buttons, making social sharing easy and fun.


Paytm’s Payment Gateway integration with your Zepo store assists you to accept payments online, with a wider choice of payment options for your customers.

Before you begin the integration, make sure you have a registered business account with Paytm.

Generate your API keys

To generate your API Keys,

  1. Log into the Paytm Dashboard and select API Keys on the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the mode for which you want to generate the API Key.
  3. To generate a key for the Test mode, click the Generate Key button. But, to generate a key for Live mode, you must first activate the account by submitting the required document and then click the Generate Key button.
Note: Users must generate separate API Keys for the Test and Live modes and no charges would be levied in case of Test mode.

Integrate your Zepo store with Paytm

This section describes how to integrate your Zepo store with Paytm Payment Gateway to accept payment from a customer.


To get started,

  1. Log into your Zepo account and it takes you to the welcome page of your store.
  2. On the left navigation bar, under the Manage tab, select Settings, and then select Payments.


    The Payment Settings screen outlines multiple payment options available to integrate with your online store so that your customers could make payment for their orders.
  3. Select Indian Payment Gateway.

    payment settings
  4. To enable the available Indian Payment Gateway, use the available toggle button.

    indian payment gateway
  5. Select PayTm as a Payment Gateway. Further fields populate based on the selected Gateway.

    select gateway
  6. Enter the Website Name provided by Paytm.
  7. Enter the Staging/Production Merchant ID provided by Paytm.
  8. Enter the Staging/Production Merchant Key provided by Paytm.
  9. Select Live or Test Execution Mode.
  10. Select the Channel Id as WebWap, or IVR.
  11. Enter the Industry Type provided by Paytm.

    Refer Generate your API keys to know about the above account credentials.
  12. Click the Save Settings button to activate Paytm Payment Gateway.

In case of any issues with integration, please Get in touch.