WordPress Donation

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to publish, edit, modify, organize, delete, and maintain content all at one central repository. It could either be a host of text, photographs, videos or audio files.

WordPress with Paytm

Integrating your WordPress site with Paytm allows you to accept payments using Paytm Payment Gateway. It enables you to accept payments via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking (supports 3D Secure), UPI or Paytm Wallet.


Installation and Configuration

  1. Download a ZIP of the repository from here.

    wordprss repoitory
  2. Upload the plugin folder "paytm-donation" into /wp-content/plugins/ directory using the FTP (Filezilla/Live FTP).

  3. Login to your WordPress account and activate the Paytm plugin in WordPress Plugin Manager.

    wordpress plugin manager image
  4. Create a new post or page with [paytmcheckout].

    wordpress paytmCheckout image
  5. Select Paytm Settings from the menu list and then insert Paytm configuration values provided by Paytm team.

  6. Save the configurations below.

    wordpress paytm configuration image
    • Merchant ID - Staging/Production MID provided by Paytm
    • Merchant Key - Staging/Production Key provided by Paytm
    • Website - Provided by Paytm
    • Industry type - Provided by Paytm
    • Environment - Select the type of environment.
    • Default Amount - 100
    • Default Button/Link Test - Paytm
  7. Your Wordpress Donation plug-in is now installed and you are ready to accept payment through Paytm.

Note : To check all the donations, select Paytm Donation from the menu list.

wordpress paytm payment details image

How to generate API Key?

To generate API Key'

  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Select API Keys under Developers in the left menu bar.
  3. Select the mode for which you want to generate the API Key from the menu.
  4. Click Generate Key to generate key for the test mode and in case of live mode first activate the account by submitting documents then generate a key by clicking Generate Key.

Note: You have to generate separate API Keys for the test and live modes. No money is deducted from your account in test mode.

In case of any issues with integration, please get in touch.